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Research Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Research Report - Essay ExampleThere ar several ways of collating information surveys are the primary means through which data is measured and captured. They have varied purposes, and encompass marketing surveys, opinion surveys, and political polls, among others.The questionnaire has been self-constructed, dealing with the following items competitive cost, convenience of fast food, cleanliness of the facility, ambience of the store, personalized service, promotional offers, varied menu, being a strong global brand, and other reasons.These close-ended questions had fixed options given for each, and the respondent simply checked which option/s are applicable for him/her. Close-ended questions are questions that the researcher provides, and which may be accomplished by putting a check mark on a box or by encircling a response that corresponds to your choice. Oppenheim (1992) suggests these questions are straightforward and thus easier and quicker to answer they are very useful in te sting specific hypothesis. Most probably, they shall be utilized in the beginning of the investigation, since the unrestricted responses they attract create a better picture of the survey for the researcher. The main advantage of this cast of question is its ability to obtain a summated value.As Chisnall (1997) suggests that mail questionnaire is a predetermined set of questions that is sent to a predetermined example. Its advantages over other methods entangle its low price, reassured anonymity, confidentiality, its large target scope and its ability to keep certain standards. Mail questionnaires are advantageous when responses have to be obtained from a sample that is geographically dispersed, or it is difficult or not possible to conduct telephone interviews to obtain the same data without much expense. Respondents can take more than time to respond at convenience. However, the return rates of mail questionnaires are

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Entrepreneur Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Entrepreneur - Assignment ExampleThe quality and value of the products solely determine the ability of the companies to attain resources for the next business run (Weerawardena & Mort, 2006). The companies catch to operate in order to produce relevant products that can help the target audience in terms of fulfilling their needs and wants. Additionally, entrepreneurship cannot work effectively without be committed to the needs of the customers. The culture is the force that storms over every concern of the society. The collective cultures value needs of the many over those of the few so the companies have to entrepreneur in such a way that they can assist the general public regarding betterment of living standards, and the individualistic societies are using solely different approach than the abovementioned one (Spear, 2006). There is always room present for bringing innovations and inventions in the market because workforce over there is creative, and they have comely level of t echnology at their disposal that they can apply as a means of accomplishing their ambitions (Akhter, 2007).Furthermore, the strategic management values the creativity of employees, and therefore, the entrepreneurial characteristics take a breather prominent in the organizational setup of the developed nations. The developing nations bring betterment at operational level, and often they import products from developed ones, and develop the lesson of franchising in order to earn their due share with each deal so the true entrepreneurship that involves innovation and invention is resident of developed nations of America and europium (Ali, 2010). The literacy rates in developing parts of the world is not remarkable in nature, and because of this reason, professionals are not proficient with reference to their creative powers. The innovation is the delimit attribute of entrepreneurships, but the human resources are the

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Lesdership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Lesdership - Research Paper ExampleFurthermore, this research should determine the role that a motivation plays towards the success of a certain leader and of the employee. Moreover, involved topics are set to be discussed underway including the importance of motivation in the sustainability of employment status, building relationships and friendships in the workplace and in the improvement of self-confidence which is initially perceived as contingent to the leader, the environmental influence and the type of reinforcement an employee is getting. The different applications of motivational lead in various activities including sport, education, in the development of our approaching leaders, speaking engagements, seminars and annual meetings are going to be elaborated. This shall be clinched by deciding the imperative aspects of motivational relationship towards the success of not nevertheless leaders and followers but the entire human race as a whole.Investigations pertaining to le adership have permeated the administrative literatures for so many years. Discovered amongst the numerous theories are remarks and assertions that ideal and better leaders motivate. But how does motivation affects the organizational setting of a certain company? Further, how do describe motivational leadership?Motivational leadership is a skilled method in which a leader employs a paradigm and deliberate steps for motivating people to value and shadow them. They are fascinated in establishing a harmless and trusting work setting, at the same time, safeguarding that the company is sited to be effective and productive in the market. Motivational leaderships main values and ideologies expounds that the leader must possess strong morals and principles, well-defined vision, reasonable values, genuine communication, and should be truly motivated to upgrade partnership and affirmative energy

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Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Knowledge Management - Essay ExampleIt was way sand in 1986, that there have been a number of theories that have been developed to manage the intellectual capital in the 21st century (Carlie, 1998). There has been extensive and rapid growth in terms of knowledge management and this has been even higher since 1996.Knowledge management is a growing and established discipline and is organism followed in many large organisations. Knowledge Management is slowly becoming a major and a very crucial issue in companies. It is inhering to understand that knowledge is a major economic ch every(prenominal)enge for companies in the future (Hewitt, 2000). For all(prenominal) innovative and successful organisation, there is a high take in for creating, capitalising and sharing the Knowledge capital. It is essential to understand that Knowledge management is a programme which is more of a long term effort, and includes a strong requirement for strategic commitment and involves and includes a n umber of analysis of the knowledge and know how in the company. It also involves the integration of a number of tools as well.Knowledge has been far-famed to bring about the possibility for mangers and businesses to make decision to create higher success and competitive advantage (Hewitt, 2000). Knowledge plays and essential part in every business and creates a potential in managers to use the corporate knowledge that they have to improve and optimize their resources not only in terms of financial but also the in terms of human resources as well. Researchers have noticed over the years that almost 75 80 percent of all large companies have a strong inclination and formal KM programs. KM is slowly becoming a major and crucial issue in companies.It is safe to say that knowledge has already grown largely and it has become one of the most essential aspects of any business. It has become a major driver and money is now slowly phasing out of the scene and as the old saying of Knowledge is king, is now being put to use in almost

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Statement of Work Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Statement of Work - Coursework ExampleThe outcome of the contract will increase the Fair attendance to an average of 287,000 attendants and enhance the ordained image of the Fair.The contract seeks to provide carnival services to the Spokane interstate fair with operational carnival rides, games, five food sessions and novelty concessions. The contract should provide oversight expertise and the payment for the carnival services will be paid before September. The gross receipts will not include insurance fees and either applicable taxes. Additionally, the contractor will provide expertise in the content of the promotional programs so as to increase the attendance of the trade fair.The contract shall down promotional programs designed to increase the attendance rate of the fair. The contractor will demonstrate a high level of expertise and allow the games, rides and shows open at all timeThe contractor shall abide by all the recommendations stipulated by Spokane Loss/Safety control Department. Moreover, prior to the opening of the Fair, all the concessions and ride shall be inspected by the Washington Department of

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The Place of a Code of Ethics in the Practice of a Profession Essay

The Place of a Code of Ethics in the Practice of a craft - Essay ExampleThe paper further strives to comprehend whether engineering can be regarded as a occupation or not. Moreover, the paper will too identify the role of ethical responsibilities during the functioning of engineers. IS ENGINEERING A PROFESSION? DO ENGINEERS HAVE SPECIAL ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES? Engineering can be concerned with the work and practices that are carried from the part of an engineer. Engineering basically deals with that particular branch of science and technology which is mainly concerned with the use of machines, engines, designing and building macro structures. Engineering is a practice that involves skillful work and requires very deep intellectual knowledge regarding the construction of outstanding structures. They are responsible for planning and designing proper layouts that are widely implemented in construction activities. Nonetheless, the concerning part of this case would be to analyse s, whether engineering can be considered to be a profession or not? Engineering can definitely be considered as a profession. Contextually, it can be argued that engineering is a profession which demands greater tariff and considerable competencies in order to render the service as a proficient engineer. Besides, it is considered to be as one of the most profitable professions in the real context that generates a large number of profits. It is true that the concept of engineering is defined with broad ethics and principles but the activities concerned with this concept are large enough to generate value for the engineers. It is considered to be a prodigious profession. At the same time, engineering can be considered to be a very thought-provoking profession owing to the reason that the liability of an engineer is relatively high as compared to other professions. An engineer cannot hide his/her mistakes. Any mistake from his/her part tends to labour reflected in his work. For exa mple, if he/she constructs a building that is not up to the mark as per the designed layout an engineer will be held responsible for this poor design.

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The treatment of bulimia with psychoanalysis Research Paper

The treatment of bulimia with psychoanalysis - Research Paper Example...17 4.1 Recommendations....17 References ABSTRACT This paper was based on literature review and it explored many available research papers evaluating the effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy for the treatment of the eating disorder, bulimia. It was found as a result of a thorough review of available relevant material in different authentic research journals, that psychodynamic therapy is quite effective in treating bulimic patients, psychodynamic therapy is not an belatedly form of therapy and the psychologist attempting psychoanalysis of a bulimic must be well equipped to handle the transference phase effectively. Finally, CBT is a quicker option in treating bulimic adults, but the results of CBT are not temporally stable as compared to those of psychodynamic therapy. thither is need of more research to test and compare the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy when merged with CBT for treatment of bul imia. INTRODUCTION This paper attempts to review the effectiveness of psychoanalytic techniques used for successful treatment of the eating disorder, bulimia. Psychoanalysis involves various treatment methods that underside be used for treating bulimia. This paper will explore and evaluate different psychoanalytical techniques available for treating bulimia with regard to effectiveness. Relevant literature will be soundly searched for any evidence of comparative effectiveness of two or more psychoanalytical treatment methods with patients of bulimia. The literature search will be followed by a discussion and the paper will conclude with a summary of the findings. 1.1 The Psychodynamic Approach to Psychology The first proper theory of human psychology surfaced in the 1800s. Sigmund Freud is the neurologist and proponent of this theory and school of thought namely the psychodynamic approach. The founder of this school of thought divides human mind into three components the consciou s, unconscious and pre-conscious (Burger, 2008). The conscious consists of the awareness zona and contains thoughts of which one is aware. The thoughts in the pre conscious mind are not readily available, but can be retrieved easily. The last part, namely the unconscious makes up the major part of human mind and is of great interest to psychoanalysts. According to Freud, thoughts in the unconscious are the key to understanding ones personality and these can only be brought to the conscious mind in certain extreme situations (Burger, 2008). According to the structural model of personality, psychoanalytical school of thought believes in cosmea of id, ego and super ego. The id is the psychic representative of drives ego is the component which deals with the relation functions of humans and their environment while the super ego consists of the moral precepts. Other primary(prenominal) concepts of the psychoanalytical school of thought include defense mechanisms that humans use to dea l with conflict (Brenner, 1973). Sigmund Freud was the founder of this school of thought but it hasnt died with his death. There have been many changes and advancements in the theory and therapy of psychodynamics and it is accepted